Collaboration Tools

Flockdraw: Collaborative drawing tool (share the URL), new December 1 2009 (collab. not working in my school lab)collaboration.jpg
Scriblink: Free online whiteboard, collaborative, includes image sharing, math symbols
Mikogo: requires download, 10 participant limit
TitanPad: uses the Etherpad code engine.
Padlet/Wallwisher: collaborate using sticky notes
Collabedit: basic, with chat, inlcudes some prog. lang. highlighting features
EdiStorm: sticky notes on a boardroom wall
Scribblar: realtime multi-user whiteboard, including live audio
Dabbleboard: free for public content, numerous tools
Twiddla: web-based "meeting playground", pro accounts free for educational uses (reg. $15/month)
Minus: drag-and-drop sharing through a "gallery"
Scriblink: Collaborative drawing tool.
Realtime board: Sign in with a Google account.