Novelty Web Apps
Image: Salvatore Vuono / interesting Flash-based effects with light and sound

World Clock:

World Clock:

World Statistics: Population, health, accidents etc.

World Demographics Mapped: Countries resize according to demographic values

World Life Expectancies:

Eyeballing Game: Make adjustments to geometric arrangements

The World's Best Countries: Compelling interactive infographic

Newspaper clipping generator:

Map to Calculus: Interesting clickable "map" to calculus

The World is Full of Interesting Things: A Google Docs 119 slide presentation

The Wilderness Downtown: An experimental project using HTML5. Needs Google Chrome browser.

Scale of the Universe: Smallest to largest

Scale of the Universe 2:

Solarsystemscope: Interactive 3d solar system

Solar System Animation: (drag the blue triangle)

Einstein at the Blackboard: Have Einstein write your quote on his blackboard

City Creator: Drag-and-drop design elements to make a simple cityscape.

The Restart Page: Restart pages for vintage operating systems.

Opposite side of the Earth: Where do I come out if I dig straight down

Coat of Arms generator: free and commercial versions

Magic Button: a complete waste of electron flow!

Create novelty signs, tickets etc.:

How Millennial Are You?: from PEW Internet Research Project

Down for Everyone or Just for Me?:

People of Influence composite painting:

Certificate templates:

Font creation: free, sophisticated

Visible Trace Route: shows data packet paths

NewsMap: displays Google News headlines, by nation, colour-coded by topic

Time&Date: Various time and date services, e.g. a countdown timer for a user-specified event

Ten amazing gigapixel photographs:

Motion of the planets and their moons: