Programming Ideas and Resources
Image: Francesco Marino /

Light-bot: Control a small robot and light up tiles on a floor or raised blocks; introduces functions

Light-bot (another version):

Scratch: Highly regarded graphical programming environment

Python 2.6.4 (Oct/2009): Highly regarded open-source programming language

Alice: 3D programming environment from Carnegie Mellon University

RevMedia: Novel programming environment, free for education

Logicly: assemble and learn about logic gates
*Logicly web only works in Chrome as of this writing*


Codeacademy: learn coding interactively Cloud-based programming

Freely available programming books:

Learn Python in !0 Minutes: A "cheatsheet" for Python

YouSRC: Online programming for students.

Interactive Python course: (Rice University)

Hackety Hack:

Code School:

Purpose Games: