Sound and Music Resources

Image: Francesco Marino /

iNudge: No download, "Everyone can create music"

Jam Studio: create music with chords

The Virtual Piano: be sure to click and drag the music book on the piano

Keyboard Drum Kit: no option to save or to create compositions

Online MP3 Cutter:

Audiotool: sophisticated music maker

Soundation: create music on the web

Nature Sounds Mix: select and mix up to four sounds, play, download

freeSFX: free sound effects in mp3 and wav formats

Free-Loops: searchable loops collection

CuePrompter: turn your browser session into a teleptompter

Drum Machine:

Les Paul Google Doodle:

Virtual Drum Kit:

Virtual Organ:

Virtual Piano:

TwistedWave: Early release online audio editor and creator

Audio Expert: Online audio recorder, requires user account

Soundcloud: Record and upload; note, content is public

Blank Sheet Music: