twitter_logo_header.pngTwitter Utilities

Twitter 3-D Tag Cloud:
Twitter Grader:
TwitPic: Picture sharing
TwtPoll: instant polls
The Twit Cleaner: analyzes the Twitter accounts you follow; interesting report and unfollow feature
Twitblock: analyze follower accounts
GeoChirp: see tweets from your neighbourhood or within a specified radius
TwitterFeed: integrates with blog feeds, sending tweets every time new posts are made
Twitterfall: "cascading" tweets by user-selectable topic, ideal for projection
Friend or Follow: displays all accounts not following back
SleepingTime: analyzes tweet posting times to project sleeping hours.
IsFollow: quickly and easily find out who is following whom.
Trendsmaps: (Displaying Vancouver data with this link)

An excellent Twitter infographic (scroll down):